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This 24 year old searches ways to commit suicide on Google and see what happens next?

Heartbreaks and breakup are a part of every grown-up life, each time we break up we go through a phase…

By Administrator in News on January 12, 2017

Heartbreaks and breakup are a part of every grown-up life, each time we break up we go through a phase of feeling sad, low or depressed. This was a girl from Bareilly who was 24-year old who had separated from her boyfriend. This girl decided to end her life by jumping into the Yamuna Canal 4 km from Saharanpur. When she was about to end her life, she gave a though and went to search on google for how to commit suicide. Google provided her with some helpline numbers and counseling websites.
She ended up calling the deputy inspector general of police, the police heard her and convinced her to go counseling sessions. Google does not immediately show the methods to commit suicide instead they will give you a list of helpline numbers or any organizations which work this kind of crisis such as  Aasra.
While talking to TOI, Deputy inspector general Jitendra Kumar Shahi said that he had got a call on 3rd January from a girl on his public number. She told the inspector that she had found the method to commit suicide on Google and found his number. The inspector told her to come to his office and meet him and talk about the incident in detail.The girl came to his office and told him the whole story that how her boyfriend had got a government job and changed his mind of marrying her because of pressure and left her.
The DIG then further said that they have come across such cases many times and have also got girls level harassment or assault charges after a relationship ends. This girl was too depressed and wanted help. She made no complaint against her boyfriend. The inspector then said that he has told the officer of women police station to look after the couple and counsel them on the matter.

In the time where social media is used to cause trouble or put people into trouble, Google has just saved the life of a girl.

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