Does talking work like a therapy for you? Do you find it difficult to keep quiet for long? Well, if the answers are even yes, do not worry; these are not symptoms of any disorder or illness. It is simply an addition to talking. Yes, you are among one of those who gets an adrenaline rush by just talking. It has been accessed that talkative people turn out to be really sweet and interesting. They love talking all the time and can talk anything, anywhere and with anyone. Here are few things that only talkative people can understand.

1. There is always something that’s left to be told

Talkative people need to tell so many things when they catch up with friends and families. There are millions of stories that ought to be finished in just one minute and even after an hour of non-stop blabbering; there are always few gossips that remain untold.


2. Their Social life is quite active

You can officially term them as ‘social bees’ in their closed circuits. Talkative people can interact with anyone they come across and they easily make new friends.

Koffee wid karan

3. Talkative people are fast speakers

In the rush to finish their talk before the person listening to them vanishes (or sometimes faint) talkative people use more words in a minute, the count of which is even hard to keep. The listener fails to understand anything as most of the words do not make any sense.


4. Talkative people are worst at keeping secrets.

Owing to their habit of talking all the time, talkative people most often (almost all the times) blurt our things, which were told to be kept secret. After giving away the confidential information, the other person is told to keep it to themselves. This, however, never happens and in a passage of time, the secret is known to all.


5. Talkative people are never bored

The word ‘boredom’ or ‘dullness’ holds no relevance in their dictionary. Talkative people are full of enthusiasm and energy and they can easily get friendly with anyone.


6. Talkative people are crowned with a special title

There is always a special nickname for talkative people. This nickname is used so often that sometimes people even forget the real name and address them as ‘Toofan Mail’, ‘Tape Recorder’, ‘Chatter Box’ or ‘Loud Speaker’.

Ranveer Anushka

The best thing about talkative people is that they are really genuine and speak their heart.

So if you are one of those, there’s nothing to feel embarrassed about. Your friends love you even though when they mind your non-stop chattering at times. Tag your friends you are real chatterbox and this post will surely make them feel proud of who they are.