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These pictures of Vaishno Devi covered with snow is heaven on earth.

Winters are so beautiful, and the whole North India is the proof to this. Places which have never seen snowfall have gone up to -2-degree temperature minimum. As Jammu-Kashmir experience record of winter breaks in 2017 with dazzling snowfall Similarly, the nearby areas have been covered with snow.
This year Vaishno Devi a holy place for Hindus on the hills is covered with snow and looks so beautiful that you won’t be able to take your eyes out of it. While snow is everyone’s favorite instead of planning some trip go with your family this year to Vaishnav Devi enjoy the natural beauty of nature and a one-time experience in this season. Here are some pictures of Vaishno Devi fully covered with snow. Rains and snow seem to take no end on the land. Hindu shrine Vaishno Devi is totally covered with snow 24*7. Here are some beautiful pictures of the holy place Vaishno Devi.

1. Leave your footprints on snow. (*Carefully more than two feet snow from ground level*)


2. Beautifully covered hills with snow, a one-time experience.


3. Catch your corner seat, gaze those stars in the chilling winter nights.


4. The beauty of the picture, speaks it all.


Wake up in the morning to such a beautiful scenario and make yourself pure at this holy land. Nothing can be more peaceful and beautiful than this place and in India again this would be rare. This year’s winter is just so cool. I can’t take my eyes off these pictures.

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