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These Facebook Statuses By Priyanka Jagga After Eviction From Bigg Boss 10 House Will Shock You

The first week of Bigg Boss 10 is finally over and we all know that Priyanka Jagga from India-wale was…

By Administrator in Bigg Boss on October 26, 2016

The first week of Bigg Boss 10 is finally over and we all know that Priyanka Jagga from India-wale was eliminated. We still remember her right? Yes, Of course, we do, after Priyanka grabbed everyone’s attention towards her by doing so much drama in just one week. On Karwa Chauth too she said Swamiji to do Puja for the fast but in reality, she never kept the fast. In last Friday’s episode, in a task, she peed in her pants and after that she said VJ Bani to wash that dirty clothes and was also in the argument with Rohan Mehra.

Priyanka tried her best to entertain everyone in the show and when this Sunday she was eliminated everyone were in shock. By seeing her drama and she did every possible thing to grab the attention of the audience and all we all thought that she would stay for a long. It was hard to believe that she is out within a week.

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That’s not it after going out of the Bigg Boss house she updated her Facebook statuses which made everyone stunned! Actually, the thing was everyone had a thought that Priyanka might be returning back to the show and her eviction was all fake so after hearing all that she did a Facebook post where she talks about that and how she is proud of whatever she did inside the house. She also accepted that she became the trouble-maker of the house. Check out the series of posts she posted on social networking site.

Isn’t this shocking? We think this is not an official page of her. We are still in doubt that is Priyanka Jagga really out of the Bigg Boss 10 house or Bigg Boss has played some prank as here is the report from Indian Express  saying that Priyanka Jagga was seen at the same area of Bigg Boss 10 house and there was a lot of buzz that she might go back in again like it always happens in Bigg Boss but, no one knows what is going on and we hope that whatever happens, be the best.

Priyanka Jagga Muise, Fariyas Resort, Bigg Boss House
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