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These budget SmartWatches from ‘Hamee-India’ is what you need today

With technology defining our lifestyle, gone are the days when we just used watches for knowing the time. SmartWatches are…

By Administrator in Technology on March 6, 2017

With technology defining our lifestyle, gone are the days when we just used watches for knowing the time. SmartWatches are the need of the present hour, and its popularity is ever increasing. SmartWatches in generic language can be defined as a digital wrist watch that offers multiple functionalities in addition to timekeeping such as phone calling, MP3 music, translations, game-playing, and calculations. Every year a new and innovative feature is added, and it has rightfully become the most wearable tech device for all age groups.
With the demand for SmartWatches sky-rocketing, several companies have started to manufacture them globally. Of these Hamee-India is the most trusted and reputed brand for SmartWatches that has clients base all across the world. Hamee-India is a division of Hamee Corp, Japan’s top online mobile accessory store that overlooks business in the Indian subcontinent. The mother company was founded by Atsushi Higuchi in the year 1998, and since the time of its inception, Hamee Corp has grown into a multinational giant with branches in China, Taiwan, Korea, India and United States.
Let’s take a look at some of the best selling SmartWatches for both men and women, from Hamee-India.

1. Hamee ChromeTech Round Watch Bluetooth SmartWatch with SIM (Gold)

This is one of the newest editions of SmartWatch from Hamee-India with a perfectly sleek and slim body to fit your wrist. Some of the functionality of this Gold Bluetooth SmartWatch includes sedentary reminder, Pedometer analysis, Sleep monitoring, calculator, World clock, Calendar, Audio and Video Player. When you install a SIM card, this SmartWatch offers independent mobile phone functionality right from the phone book and dialler to messaging. The Bluetooth Watch come with a USB cable and is reasonably priced at INR 4,999.
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Hamee India

2. Hamee Sportitech Round IPS Camera Watch Bluetooth SmartWatch with SIM (Sporty Red)

A really cool SmartWatch for fitness freaks from Hamee-India. apart from the main functions like Q-Band calling, SMS and Bluetooth music playing it also serves as a Pedometer, Calories calculator, Step motion meter and Sports mileage records to name a few. The Sporty red color is very catchy and this SmartWatch is fairly priced at INR 4,870 and comes with a charge cable and user manual.
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Hamee India Smartwatch

3. Hamee Energize Bluetooth SmartWatch With Speaker

Another innovation from Hamee-India. This SmartWatch is a portable hands-free Watch style with a mini speaker that can freely receive and play music. This simple watch serves as your Bluetooth speaker, MP3 player, FM radio and hands-free caller. This Hamee Energize watch is made in the Ergonomic design and uses double Bluetooth technology making it very comfortable and wearable. Make it your own for just INR 4,799.
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Hamee Smartwatch with speaker

4. Hamee Vigour Bluetooth 4.0 SmartWatch Fitness Band With Smart Tracker

Monitoring your activity levels could not have been easier with this SmartWatch Fitness Band from Hamee-India. Set your daily exercise targets and this SmartWatch will help you achieve your targets. Some of the added functionality includes incoming call alerts and sleep monitoring. All this at a pocket-friendly pricing of INR 2,999.
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Hamee Fitness band

5. Hamee Reflex Bluetooth SmartWatch With SIM Card Slot and Camera

A SmartWatch from Hamee-India that functions beyond timekeeping. Some excellent functionality includes smart calling, front and remote camera, music player, Pedometer, Barometer, Video Recording, Language Translator and much more. The stainless steel dial makes it very durable, an ideal value for money buy. Get this for just INR 5,999.
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Hamee smartwatch

We learned a lot about the achievements of the company while talking to Pratik Nayek, Co-founder and CEO of Hamee-India.

Hamee-India is one of the pioneering manufacturer, exporter, and supplier of mobile accessories, SmartWatches and similar trendy products. All the products designed at Hamee-India cater to the needs of the present generation. The success of this company is attributed to the efforts and commitment of Mr. Pratik Nayek, the Co-founder, and CEO of Hamee-India.
Mr. Pratik Nayek is one the dynamic and successful entrepreneurs who changed the face of digital marketing in India. After finishing his college from Delhi University as a topper, he served as an intern for 4 years before he finally landed his first job in a Japanese company, Strapya. Pratik was the only Indian student to be selected and efficiently served the role of Marketing Manager in the company for 2 years.
Pratik Nayek
Later, he shifted to the US to finish his MIT degree and in the meanwhile Strapya had rebranded themselves with the new name and outlook, Hamee. They were looking for global expansion opportunities, and Mr. Pratik Nayek played a key role in their US expansion. Thanks to his effort, Hamee became a popular brand in California, US. After serving a year there, Pratik moved to Japan again for one year. During this time the e-commerce industry had become the most promising sector in India with names like Flipkart and Amazon ruling the scenario. It was just the right time to plunge into the Indian market, meanwhile Hamee corp. Japan had then become the number one online mobile accessory store and was even listed on the Tokyo Stock Exchange.

It was in September 2015 that Hamee-India was launched into India’s e-marketspace by none other than Mr. Pratik Nayek himself.

Since then the mobile accessory company has grown phenomenally with an unparalleled range of quirky products and licensing services. Hamee-India proudly boasts of their ‘Made in India’ products and nearly 90% of their products are manufactured in India only. All the machinery is however exported from Japan and Europe to offer customers the most reliable products at highly competitive prices. Mr Pratik Nayek also has plans for setting up the biggest mobile accessory factory in India and in just a span of 2 years they have crossed over 10 lakh SKUs. They are also the licensed provider of over 18 brands and their list is ever-growing. In the forthcoming year, Mr. Pratik Nayek has plans to launch the biggest e-commerce cloud management platform for support services in India. Hamee Corp is the biggest online giant in Japan presently and over the few years, they have all intentions to do the same in India.

It’s definitely time to upgrade your traditional wrist watch and grab one of these super-cool smart-watches from Hamee-India now!

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