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These British Grandma's Showing Off Their Bhangra Moves Are The Coolest Thing Ever

When people of other communities adopt our culture as their own, it is like a treat to our eyes. Here we have got the video of three British grandmothers who are showing off their Bhangra Moves. The MD of Mahindra group, Anand Mahindra, uploaded a video of these three ‘grannies’ dancing to the desi beats. As per the reports, they performed it for Fizzog Productions, it is a theater company in England.
If you are wondering, that are the women matching to the steps of Bhangra? then you will be shocked after watching the video. The three grannies were in a shopping mall, and suddenly they started dancing. The video is of two minutes, the women are seen shaking their hips, arms, and legs with full energy. The three women are middle-aged and are kicking up a storm in the UK.
The group of three grannies is together for almost 20 years. In college, they met as a student in the community Theatre.
While talking to Daily Mail after their one video went viral on the Internet, Sue Hawkins, she plays the “elderly” character said,  “We just cannot believe the reaction we’ve had to the video. We have had a huge response from people in India who loved the Bhangra dancing.”

Here is the surprising video of three British Grannies dancing on Bhangra moves.

The grandmothers were dancing as the actors of 30s, 40s, and 50s dance.
The video was uploaded on Thursday morning on Tweeter by Anand Mahindra. Anand captioned it as, “This should perk up your morning. Proves that no matter where you’re from, your age or your shape, you’ll look cool when you get down & Bhangra!”
In just 5 hours the video was shared more than 700 times.
The three grannies are just looking amazing. Isn’t this amazing guys? This proves that everyone loves dancing on Bhangra.
Isn’t this amazing guys? This proves that everyone loves dancing on Bhangra. Did you guys like this Bhangra dance? Share your thoughts with us by commenting below.

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