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These Are The Things You Must Never Say To Your Girlfriend After Having A Fight!

There is no relation in which they don’t have a bad time or fight. All time relationship can’t be rosy;…

By Administrator in Relationship on February 16, 2017

There is no relation in which they don’t have a bad time or fight. All time relationship can’t be rosy; there is a situation when things go wrong because of a minor argument. There are some words which come out of our mouths before we realize what is happening.
So, when you get into an argument with your partner make sure you control your anger and keep your mouth zipped. Once you get into an argument, you must keep some things in your mind that you should never say to your girlfriend. Boys must keep these things in mind because you will need them.

1. You Must Never Say You’re Such A…

Don’t call her by any name as it’s not going to end well. The best thing you must do is after a fight you must separate your ways, go cool down and then come back to your normal relation.

2. Whatever, it’s fine –

We all know the meaning of this, it says you are not ready to forget your fight and move on, you are still upset. If you tell ‘fine,’ you will need a lot of effort to make up for the fight.

3. Never Say ‘It’s Over.’

When you are angry you say things like, ‘we shouldn’t have dated’ or ‘we should break up,’ but guys keep it in mind that girl’s don’t forget these things easily. She will keep these things against you for lifetime; she will everytime remind you of how unsure you were for your relation.

4. Never Say ‘You’re Just Like My Ex.’

Never ever say this thing to your girl. It’s a big NO! You must never compare your partner with others. If you bring your past between your relationship, then it will only add more fuel to fire.

5. Never Say ‘I’m Going Out With Friends’ when you had a fight.

If you do this than she thinks there is no value of her in your life, your friends are more than her. And this creates another big fight between you both.

So, guys, you must keep these things in your mind as it can damage your relationship.

Control your anger and make her realize how important she is for you. Do things what she likes to make her feel happy.
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