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These are the 7 best KHAU GALLI of Mumbai for street food and you can't miss!

‘There is no other sincere love than the love for food.’ Slurp, Bite, chew, gulp, hoard. Your first cutting chai, sweetest desert,…

By Administrator in Food on January 15, 2017

‘There is no other sincere love than the love for food.’ Slurp, Bite, chew, gulp, hoard. Your first cutting chai, sweetest desert, spiciest and oiliest vada pav, and the messiest Kathi roll.  Mind you; we are still just on the outskirts of Mumbai. If you are in the mood to tease your taste buds, fall in love with Mumbai all over again and nothing else. Find an excuse to ditch the diet you are on or if you are struggling to find what more does this city has on its menu. A fellow foodie, yes, you have reached here at the right place Mumbai, the city of dreams. Thousands come from far and wide into this land, in search of love, acceptance, money, fame and what not. And all these people need just a solid taste of Mumbai street food.
It’s a paradise for the foodies, Mumbai’s Khau Galli offer some of the most lip-smacking street food in the city of Mumbai. Khau Gallis are a part Mumbai’s metropolitan culture and it is usually located near colleges, railway stations, narrow bylanes. These had galli have crowed from lunch hours to midnight. They offer plenty of variations on each dish, and it is not at all heavy for the pockets. Here’s a look at some of the popular Khau Galli of Mumbai:

1.  Carter Road Khau Galli

Fresh sea breeze, ample young crowd and has a great and positive vibe, the Carter Road Khau Galli near the Bandra offers hoards of great food. Packed with famous street food joints and small eateries that serve up an blast of flavors and different textures, this Galli’s star attraction is the Shawarma. The stalls also offer a broad range of other delights, such as momos, falafels, wok-fried, and spicy lime sprinkled corn on a cob. Don’t forget to dig into scoops of frozen yogurts, sweet cupcakes or freshly made waffles for dessert.

carter road

If you are looking for some delicious, vegetarian food, then Ghatkopar should be on your list. The best dish to watch out for at this Khau Galli is the ‘remix dosa,’ guaranteed that any dosa lover would jump of rejoice. The mind-boggling varieties of fresh and crisp dosas, stuffed with every kind of delicious filling, makes Ghatkopar a must visit Khau Galli. You cant not miss the Cheese Burst Sada Dosa, the Thousand Island Dosa, and Ice Cream Dosa at this Khau Galli.

3. Mohammed Ali Road Khau Galli

It is heaven for meat lovers, the Khau Galli at Mohammed Ali Road provides a plethora of options for all kinds of foodies. From sizzling spicy tikkas, fluffy brown naans, succulent kebabs, and mouth watering malpuas, there is something for everyone on this street that runs alongside Minara Masjid. However, the star of this eat street is the yummy Mughlai food, especially during holy month of Ramzan. Some old known restaurants sell Nalli Nihari and Haleem. Mohammed Ali road Khau galli is  where all the Bollywood celebrities have come during Ramzaan.

mohd ali

4. Tardeo Khau Galli

A Khau Galli in the heart of Mumbai, the Tardeo eat street is specially for people who goes to office and trying to catch easy and quick lunch. One can easily get a proper meal and healthy meal at Tardeo which suits the taste, be it vegetarian or non-vegetarian, with something to caters to every taste from puri bhaji and South Indian lunch thali to shawarmas and mutton biryanis.


5. Zaveri Bazaar Khau Galli

Zaveri Bazaar is the most popular jewellery, gold and diamond hub of Mumbai. The iconic Zaveri Bazaar Khau Galli is an integral part of it and never fails to deliver delights to its customers at extremely pocket-friendly rates. Hungry businessmen and busy customers have a lot of options to choose from when it comes to having the street food here, which is predominantly a blend and mixture of local and Gujarati flavours. do not miss and try out the unique pudla, kachoris, papdi and moong dhal bhajiyas, along with a cold badam shake or fresh sugarcane juice at Zaveri Bazaar!

zaveri bazaar

6. Princess Street Khau Galli

Bang opposite the bustling  and hustling Mangaldas Market lies a foodie’s paradise, the Princess Street Khau Galli. It has a decent collection of food stalls with a variety of fresh prepared snacks and beverages that cater to the hungry stomachs of all the exhausted shoppers in the area. Take a break from shopping at Mangaldas and Crawford Market and try and enjoy hot the dal pakwans, samosa toasts, badam barfis and the scrumptious ice halwas at these stalls pani puri and lime juice too.

priencess street

7. Mahim Khau Galli

Mahim Khau Galli is a legendary street food destination among Mumbaikars and tourists that come from around the globe for its mouth watering non-vegetarian fare. Once known as Balamia Road, Mahim Khau Galli is lined with stalls selling yummy eats like baida roti, khiri tikka, sheekh, khichda and chicken tandoori which will just melt in your mouth. Don’t miss the chance of having mix ice-cream falooda and the dry kulfi falooda at Baba Falooda, the most famous falooda place in Mahim.


If you havn’t try these anytime, next time do visit these places for street food and take the taste of Mumbai street food locked on your taste buds!

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