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These 7 Traits Prove You Are an Introvert Person!

Being introvert or shy are two different traits and we most often take them to be alike. For most of…

By Abhinav D Anand in Lifestyle on May 20, 2017

Being introvert or shy are two different traits and we most often take them to be alike. For most of us, it is difficult to even admit being an introvert as there are plenty of social stigmas attached to the same. An introvert person is more often mistaken for being self-centred and looked upon as a person who does not enjoy peer company. But the true fact remains that introverts can be helpful, warm and influential in their own right. There is, therefore, no guilt in acceptance. Take a look at these 7 traits that prove you are an introvert and while you read this be honest with you.

1. You enjoy spending time with your own self –

Whenever you get the free time you read a book, listen to music or simply play games. This ‘your’ time is very important to you and don not like compromising on it. That, however, does not imply that you do not enjoy social get-togethers.

2. You are selectively social –

Introverts take the time to gel and interact with people. Your energy level is not influenced by people around you and you take your own time to get friendly with someone. You do not get close to people you really don’t like and if you do, that bond is special.


3. You are sensitive towards your environment –

Introverts are quite sensitive and their temperament is influenced by their surroundings. The ambiance of the place and number of people present can either drain or energize you.


4. Too much crowd around stresses you –

You like to interact with people individually. Yet if you are left with no choice but to be a part of any large social group, you start longing for your own personal space to recharge your batteries. Too much crowd around can leave you drained.


5. You are the last one in the group to respond –

In any group initiatives, you are the last person to raise your hand when asked about something relevant. Whereas extroverts are always eager to express whenever possible. You, however, being an introvert in spite of knowing it all, stay contended and away from the limelight.

6. You can be reflective and charming –

Being an introvert, you like making small talks that are more meaningful and impactful. People tend to get easily comfortable in your presence. You are a good listener and encourage others to do talking.

7. You are extremely creative –

Introverts most often are the most creative bunch of people. You have accumulated loads of information within yourself and they just need be creatively used to create wonderful ideas.


There’s nothing wrong with being an introvert. It is perfectly OK if you like to party socially with your close ally’s one night and return to your cocoon next night. Introversion is all about understanding and respecting what you are and believe in it!

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