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These 7 Signs Tell You That It’s High Time You Leave The Job You Are Doing

For some people, jobs mean lifetime commitment while there are people who frequently change their jobs for better future prospects….

By Abhinav D Anand in Life Hacks on June 28, 2017

For some people, jobs mean lifetime commitment while there are people who frequently change their jobs for better future prospects. We are however not going to be judging the either kinds. Holding on to a job or quitting is a significant decision as it affects all other spheres of your life. Are you wondering how can you be aware if your current job is right for you or it’s time to bid goodbye? Well, fortunately, there are some warning signs that are indicative of the same. Here are these top 7 signs that tell you it’s high time you leave the job you are doing.

1. Your company’s future prospects are not good

Companies witness ups and downs, however, if you sense that the unpleasant situation is likely to get worse in the coming future, then my piece of advice will be to start hunting a new job. Is there a decrease in your company’s revenue every financial year? Is a number of layoffs increasing every year? If the answers are yes, there is no growth of your company in the future and the same holds true for you.


2. You cannot witness personal growth in the company

Growth even if it’s steady is extremely important in any career field. This implies climbing up the corporate ladder as well as learning new skills. If there is no forward momentum and your career has reached a standstill, it’s time to quit your job and start looking for a new one.


3. Your work is constantly undervalued

By undervalued I mean not getting due appreciation for the work that you are doing. Corporate offices work with team effort and if your boss and co-workers do not view you as an integral part of their team, even after all the work that you do; it’s time to move on.


4. You have no respect for your boss

Your boss should command respect not only because he is at a higher designation but for his leadership quality and skills. A good leader is one who motivates and inspires you. However if you hold no respect for your boss and you feel he/she is incompetent or unsupportive, it is time to seriously reconsider taking another job.


5. You do not seem to enjoy your work

Question yourself if you happy doing your work? There is nothing more frustrating that doing things you don’t feel accomplished. If your job feels more like fulfilling a monotonous routine and you are severely bored doing it, then it is time you should consider moving on.


6. You do not seem to fit it

Being in the best place is sometimes also not fruitful if you don’t seem to fit into the work culture of your organization. Getting used to the operations in your company and intermingling with other staffs take not more than first few months of your joining. But if you still feel as an outsider after six months, it’s time to find yourself a new job.


7. Your personal life has taken a toll

Working late nights for an important project once in a while is acceptable, but if you are forced to do it constantly, it’s time to find a new job. Your work should be such that you have spare time for your personal life. What is the point of earning a living, if my friend you do not have the time to enjoy life.


Sometimes in life we need to take strong decision even if it means bearing unpleasant consequences for the time being. Yet you must always aim for the bigger picture. So if you can relate to any of the above warning signs for leaving job, it’s time to take some action. Be persistent and positive!

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