Being strong means being strong in every aspect physically, mentally, and emotionally. In order to move ahead in life, we have no alternative for being emotionally strong. Emotionally weak people often become the target of every other person. Hence, here are the 7 signs which underline the fact that you are emotionally weak.

1. What people think about you affects you a lot –

A strong individual never bothers about what people think of him/her. They accept themselves the way they are, and pounce back is somebody targets them. What matters the most to them is their opinion about themselves.


2. When you need a shoulder to cry upon –

This is the weakest sign!  A strong person accumulates all the strength to wipe off his/her tears. They stand for themselves instead of looking for somebody else they can rely upon. The person who portrays this quality goes real far in life.


3. When you can’t make a decision on your own –

A person should learn to make his/her decisions on their own. If it is your life the decision must be yours because whatever the outcome is going to be you are the one who is going to face it. Hence, one must attain the strength to make a decision.

Tell me what to do

4. When you need to share every problem with somebody –

That somebody can make you really weak. Sharing of problems make you feel light, but when it becomes a habit you become dependent on somebody. This dependency makes you emotionally vulnerable.


5. When you break down on every obstacle of life –

Every obstacle is a part of your life. Breaking down or stepping back from facing it is another symptom of being emotionally weak. A strong individual is always prepared to face any obstacle which comes in the way.

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6. When you face trust issues –

You hesitate from trusting anybody as you feel that if that person breaks your trust you won’t be able to cope up with the pain! This proves that you are at the epitome of being emotionally weak.


7. You try to criticize every other thing –

There are ample of critics on this planet, and you join the league. A strong person always encourages others instead of being judgmental and critic.


If you can relate to any of these traits believe me you are emotionally dependent and weak.

Better watch out!