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These 7 Signs Say That You Are A Highly Sensitive Person

Do you often take things personally? Are you often tagged being sensitive? Do you always feel intertwined in your emotions?…

By Abhinav D Anand in Relationship on April 17, 2019

Do you often take things personally? Are you often tagged being sensitive? Do you always feel intertwined in your emotions? If you have been nodding your head in most of these, it goes without saying that you are a highly sensitive person. You often carry a big loads of emotions with you and seem to worry about others emotional state. If you still haven’t figured it out, take a look at these 7 signs that say you are a highly sensitive person.

1. You can’t take criticism

While criticism never appeals to anyone, being a sensitive person you tend to take it more hardly than others. It impacts you in a profound way and you become reactive to comments.


2. You cry a lot

Crying here does not imply a reaction to facing an unpleasant experience in life. Sometimes you can’t help but shedding your emotions when you watch a movie, TV commercial or witness something really touching. Crying comes easy for you and most often people tend to wonder what made you burst into tears. Whether you are happy or sad, you find yourself crying too often.


3. Your gut feeling is very strong

Being a sensitive person your intuitive powers are mystical. You easily pick up subtle things happening around you that others never notice.


4. You are genuinely polite

As a highly sensitive person it is never in your dreams to hurt any other person with your words or actions. You are moved by how others around you feel and you are afraid of offending someone even unintentionally. This makes you genuinely polite with everyone around you.


5. You are extremely creative

Art really captivates you and you seem to easily comprehend any form of artistic expressions. While others ponder on what the artist or author wishes to convey, you can precisely decode it. The aesthetic beauty is enough to make your heart pound.


6. Self-time is important for you

While you see and feel things deeply around you, there will be times when you long to retreat in your shell. You wait to cut off that chord with the outside world and you love to spend time alone, all by yourself.


7. You are an amazing human being

Being able to recognize others emotions equally well, makes you a great partner, friend or family member. You never mind going out of the way to do things for others. You love keeping everyone around you happy and it goes without saying that you are a blessing in their life.


Being a sensitive person is not bad after all. People who are worth will definitely treasure you and for those who don’t, it’s their problem. You are an awesome individual and deserve all the goodness of life. Do not forget to tag all the sensitive peeps in your list to make them feel cherished.

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