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These 6 Signs tell you that your life is turning unhappy!

Happiness is a pure feeling yet somehow we turn it into a complex and hard-to-figure-out emotion. We all desire to…

By Abhinav D Anand in Relationship on June 1, 2017

Happiness is a pure feeling yet somehow we turn it into a complex and hard-to-figure-out emotion. We all desire to be happy but sadly this seems like a virtual reality. On a philosophical note happiness is not something we need to work hard on to achieve. It is simply a result of habits we choose to do in our daily lives. Happiness needs to be consciously nurtured by yourself and for yourself. If you are feeling unhappy and low for some time, you could have unknowingly picked up some negative habits. Read on to learn about these 6 warning signs that tell you that your life is turning unhappy.

1. Constant Complaints

If your life is taking an unhappy turn you always find flaws around you and your day is spent complaining about problems. You fail to realize that complaining not only amplifies your negative energy, it also pessimistically affects people around you.


2. Dwelling In The Past

If your present is satisfying then you begin to worry about the events that occurred in the past. It has also been proved that a person who frequently stresses about past events is at higher risk of developing chronic depression and stress.


3. Addiction

Often when you are unhappy you try to escape from your responsibilities by subjecting yourself to addictions. By addictions we don’t mean alcohol or drugs, it can be anything like sleeping, playing games or even eating. These addictions whatsoever are unhealthy and simply used as a mean to shun your day-to-day activities.

4. Being Overly-Critical

Happiness lies in your perspective. If you are always trying to judge yourself in negative light, you are instinctively choosing the path of unhappiness. Not only yourself, you always try to find flaws or mistake in others.


5. Gossip Makes Your Day

People who normally gossip are the one who are insecure and jealous. If you are sorrowful about the things happening in your life, you tend to become unhappy when others achieve their dreams and begin to gossip about them. If you think negative you attract more negativity in your life.


6. Bearing The Weight of Grudges

Unhappy people like holding a grudge even for the events that have long been forgotten. This weight is not helping you or benefitting your life in any manner. Life is all about accepting and moving on.


Take control of these warning signs of unhappiness and direct your life on the path of sheer happiness.

Be Happy!

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