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These 6 Dialogues from Bollywood Movies will fill you with patriotism this 26th January

As our heart gets filled with pride about what a long way our country has come, Bollywood never fails to…

By Administrator in Life Hacks on January 24, 2017

As our heart gets filled with pride about what a long way our country has come, Bollywood never fails to express the feeling and makes us feel how proud we are of our country and we can go to any extend to our mother nation. Bollywood films show the best feeling and expression of Patriotic feelings with their songs or with the dialogues. Bollywood patriotic movies always have a lesson for us, and there is always something to discover about our nation.
On the account on 26 January, we bring some patriotic dialogues to you on that will give you goosebumps. These are not just any patriotic dialogues, mind you, These are some of the best patriotic Bollywood movie dialogues and quotes, these dialogues have made us aware of what we love and makes us cry and instill a feeling of patriotism in us and has left us inspired.

1. Nana Patekar in Krantiveer –

Nana Patekar has always made his point from standing up for poor farmers to adopting a village, Nana Patekar with this famous dialogue from Krantiveer has made us realized that things he said in this movie are real. It’s us who discriminate and there are no different people, and we all are one, No rich no poor and no Hindu, no Muslim.

krantiveer dialogie

2. Shahrukh Khan In Chak De India –

This SRK’s dialogue has been a part to make “Better India” this dialogue instill belief, leadership lesson and mature patriotism without jingoism.

Chak de india dilague

3. Akshay Kumar In Holiday: A Soldier Is Never Off Duty –

Akshay Kumar being such a super versatile actor and there are certain roles where you can feel the real man behind all the skins he wears. This dialogue slews patriotism and makes us feel how safe we feel just because there are Soldiers on the Border always ready to give away their life for us.

Akshay kumar dialogue

4. Akshay Kumar In Airlift –

This dialogue has a real connection and can be felt every single time. This heart touching dialogue has touched many people, and we can surely relate to it.
Airlift Dialogue

5. Sunny Deol In Gaddar –

This movie is simply the best patriotic love story. Each scene gives me goosebumps and this scene especially when Amrish Puri forces Sunny Deol to talk wrong about his mother nation, and he goes all mad. The scene shows that yes, love is important in one’s life but our nation is equally important and when it comes to our nation we will choose our country at first. Gaddar was hugely popular during its time because of its iconic, power-packed dialogues, laced with patriotism.
Gaddar dialogue

6. Sunny Deol In Maa Tujhe Salaam –

Last but not the least, this dialogue by Sunny Deol in ‘Maa Tujhe Salam’ tells why an Indian will always be loyal to his motherland and if someone dare to talk about dividing our mother nation, hum unme itne chedd karenge ki woh confuse Ho Jayenge ki, saans kaha se le aur ……..
maa tujhe salaam

Let’s celebrate this Republic Day by sharing these Desh Bhakti Bollywood Dialogues and feel patriotic.

Now that you are filled with patriotism all over again let’s pledge on this 26 January to build a safer nation for our Mother’s, Sister’s, Friends and Family. Let’s get up and work for bringing a positive change in India.
Hope these dialogues spark the feeling of belongingness in you towards our country.

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