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These 5 Habits Prove Sheer Laziness Runs Into Your Blood!

The advancement in technologies has made our lives simpler. To put this another way, these modern amenities have made us…

By Abhinav D Anand in Lifestyle on May 24, 2017

The advancement in technologies has made our lives simpler. To put this another way, these modern amenities have made us lazier (although this is absolutely a choice). Laziness is not a positive attribute and most often people deny or defend themselves when tagged of being ‘lazy’. It certainly is comforting to lie cosily in your bed all day long. Lazy persons are most often the happy lot as they are contended doing nothing. Are you one among them? Has this realisation not dawned on you yet? Check out these 5 habits that prove that laziness runs into your blood, and you will surely be amused at this discovery.

1. You love your bed more than anything –

When we are talking about love it does not just mean you enjoy your sleeping time at night. You simply love to lie on your bed all the time and it is not surprising if you can see your body imprint on the mattress.


2. Home delivery business thrives on you –

Lazy person hates to get up even when they are hungry. The easiest way to satiate your hunger cravings is order food from restaurants that home deliver, make payments online and you are sorted.


3. Your house is equivalent to a garbage dump –

Being messy or lazy are two different habits that is often mistaken for being same. A lazy person house is always dirty (that’s even an understatement) as they hardly get any time apart from snoozing. If you house always looks ransacked, dishes are lying in the sink and the garbage trump is overflowing, believe me you are turning into an absolutely lazy person at heart.

4. Your mobile has almost all utility apps –

As a lazy person you are the one who is making most use of your Smartphone.  There are varied lists of apps on your phone that assist some way or another to make your life easier….err lazier. Even all your shopping right from groceries to clothes and accessories is done online. Everything is literally on your fingertips.


5. You always have ‘genuine’ reasons to skip workouts –

Staying fit and healthy is on your agenda, yet you will find some 50 reasons to skip the gym, then my friend you are just being lazy. A lazy person is always tired and short of time to exercise. However scrolling leisurely on Instagram is a priority. How about being online while you perform planks, think over it.


These were the top 5 habits of a lazy person. If you can relate to any of these, it’s time to take control of the situation and make changes.

Tag a friend who is at the epitome of laziness. Happy realisation!

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