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These 5 confessions demands: Lets accept the fact that women bleed!

Why be ashamed of something which is very natural? Why bar a woman from entering a temple during that time of…

By Abhinav D Anand in Women's Health on June 1, 2017

Why be ashamed of something which is very natural? Why bar a woman from entering a temple during that time of the month? Why consider a woman impure when she is undergoing a cycle that is healthy? Why discourage her so much that she has to hide sanitary napkins? Why? We need to understand. This International Menstrual Hygiene day, let’s lend an ear to what girls have to say.

Ramneek Flora –

Hesitations are actually none because whenever I bought a sanitary pack, it was from a supermarket where you don’t have to ask anyone. But yes at times in need I had to go to the shop to buy it and the sellers are never open when it came to sanitary pads. They asked me which one do I want and they put it in the bag without showing it to the public. Weird? I think so too. But this one time when my boyfriend went to buy the pads for me the shopkeeper who happened to be a lady was so shocked that she actually thought he was kidding. But later he told her that he really wanted the pads for his girlfriend. And again she asked him which was it and shoved it into the bag without looking. This actually tips me off a lot of times because where we are so advanced in technologies why is our mindset like this? Why can’t buying pads be a normal thing? It’s actually about the time when people get it straight that we do bleed from between our legs.

Ramneek Flora

Maria Sony –

“Whisper”. Menstruation is a natural phenomenon known to everyone, then why do we need to be so discreet about such things. Whisper started a campaign through which they educated girls of the age group 12-13 about the menstrual cycle and hygiene in a separate room. I still remember how we used to cook up stories when we were questioned by our male classmates regarding the session (even though they knew about it. Now I strongly feel that we should have been accompanied by our male classmates as well. I know there would have been some awkwardness at that time, but at least we would have been confident about this natural cycle. A few days back, I had gone out with my friends and, one of my female friends whispered into my ears…”Mujhe whisper khareedna hai, tu in ladko ko bahar busy rakh.” Then she asked the shopkeeper to pack it properly with newspapers and a polyethene bag. This made me think why WHISPER?

Maria Sony

Fiza Chawla –

Once I went to a store to purchase Sanitary Napkins.The shopkeeper was happily looking at me when I entered the shop. He very politely asked me about the stuff I wanted. The moment I told him that I needed Sanitary Napkins; he turned away his head & gave me the looks as if I had asked him to give away his kidney. I mean, come on man it’s just a sanitary pad.  So what if the girls need it during the time of their menstrual cycle. There is nothing wrong with it. You just need to change your thinking!

Fiza Chawla

Shelly Singh –

I still find it odd why women still find them uncomfortable when it comes to menstruation hygiene. Why we still hush the talks of menstruation in our houses? Why are women afraid of buying sanitary napkins without a black polybag? Why a girl menstruating is still afraid of red stains on her skirt?Even in this modern India 4 out of 10 women aren’t able to buy sanitary napkins due to various reasons. A natural biological process giving birth to a new life should be proudly celebrated instead of being ashamed about it. Aren’t we living in a hypocritical society, where on one hand we are boldly being a part of all women’s initiative, and on the other hand we are making them pay taxes on hygiene essentials? Don’t you think none of this will work out until women won’t feel absolutely normal about this?

Shelly Singh

Apoorva Dhanda –

The major problem is that if we talk openly, people talk it to our backs or laugh upon us as if it’s a sin that we’re committing. Girls usually hesitate on buying sanitary napkins they rather send their mothers to buy one because they might feel ashamed of asking the shopkeeper for one. I’m a girl, I bleed and it’s not a sin. I’m not ashamed of my menstrual cycle. I’m healthy and a proud girl.

Apoorva dhanda

People out there need to watch out so that a girl doesn’t hesitate from stating something that is so not in her control, something which is a blessing to the mankind.

So think and act smartly!

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