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These 10 things only a fat girl will relate to! *SOB*

“Fat” nothing in this world can be as scary as this word. Even we desire of an ideal figure, but…

By Abhinav D Anand in Women's Health on June 7, 2017

“Fat” nothing in this world can be as scary as this word. Even we desire of an ideal figure, but it’s just a desire, and we have never been able to accumulate the strength, determination or guts to accomplish that desire. We do somehow feel conscious of those tiers,  or our stomach which is always ready to pounce out of our clothes, but we love to embrace ourselves the way we are! Here I bring to you these 10 things which every fat girl will relate to!

1. When our favorite shirt rejects our proposal of wearing it –

This is no less than a heartbreak. You just gaze at the shirt and cry WHY?


2. When we have to hold our breath just to shut that nasty button of our pants –

This one is funny, but the real dark truth. It becomes really difficult at the time. I feel like a pro at anlom-vilom now!)


3. When people call you chubby and beautiful at the same time –

Come on! Fat and gorgeous are two antonyms. Just to keep our heart people frame such absurd comments for us. (We don’t need it!)


4. When we feel that even the air we breathe is integrating our size –

We feel that we have inhaled a lot of oxygen, and we are going to take off in a while like a hot air balloon.


5. After a small workout, we feel we have lost weight –

How cute and optimistic we are? Workout of 15 minutes makes us believe that we have lost some Kilograms.


6. Our encounters with the weighing machine are no less than nightmare –

My friends often force me onto a weighing machine so that they can make fun of me. These encounters are scarier than Conjuring.


7. When people say “Sehat ban rahi hai ladki ki” in a sarcastic manner –

Have I become a Sumo wrestler? Maybe?


8. When people ask “Can you dance?” –

Yes! We do have a life! We can shake a leg and every other part of our body.


9. The temporary diet plans –

How dedicated we become for a day or two when some comment hurts us. (But nothing can change us!)


10. When our skinny friends eat a lot and remain the same size –

That feeling makes us say why me God why? What sin did I commit? (We hate you from the depth of our heart :/…)


We are really cute, and fall in the category of humans! So please accept us 😀

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