These 10 Symptoms Totally Prove That You Are a Facebook Addict –

Social networking sites such as Facebook, Twitter, Instagram or Tumblr have now become an indispensable part of our life. With the advent of 4G networks, increased usage of smartphones and easy availability of Wi-Fi networks, most of us spent ample amount of time posting pictures, updating status and commenting or liking other people’s posts.

Believe it or not, using Facebook in an obsessive way can now turn this harmless fun act to acquiring a modern medical phenomenon termed as ‘Facebook Addiction’. Sounds scary? well, if you have been using social media incessantly it’s time for some reality check. Take a look at these top 10 symptoms that prove you are a Facebook addict.

1. If every morning the first thing you do is leisurely scroll through your Facebook feeds. You even begin to feel a little low, even your profile is devoid of any notifications.

2. At a point of time all through the day for more than 15-20 seconds, you mindlessly scroll the newsfeed.

3. You are always excited about sharing events in your life, big or small, on this social platform. Not only this after making such posts, you repeatedly check the Facebook app on your Smartphone to see how much ‘likes’ and ‘comments’ you have earned. The lesser number of ‘likes’ than you expected, ruins your day.

4. You are always in a mad rush to increase your friend’s list. You want to break the record of highest number of friends on Facebook, although it is not going to fetch you any recognition.

5. Everyone who knows you recognizes your skills of Facebook stalking. Whenever your friends need to track someone down on social media, and all they know is the person’s first name, you instantly come to their rescue.

6. Sometimes you even make posts simply because you haven’t shared something for a while. Not that anybody waits eagerly to see your posts, it’s just another symptom of Facebook addiction.

7. You get sadistic pleasure in reading all the comments on someone’s post. You read every single comment (for no obvious reason) and if you come across any argument, Eureka! it’s like finding a gold mine for you.

8. You have been receiving endless ‘wanna do fraandship with me’ messages.

9. Nothing is more devastating in your life than hearing the phrase ‘no Wi-Fi’. Your world literally shuts down if you cannot be updated with what’s happening around social media.

10. Lastly, when your close friends hint you about your Facebook addiction, you always promise them to deactivate your account but that day is still to come.

It is OK to use social media to stay connected but going overboard is big no-no.

If you can relate to any one or more of these symptoms, it’s time to step back finally!


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