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These 10 *Naughty* text which will make your ‘Boy’ to think only about you.

Do you really it is hard to make your ‘Boy’ think about it. If you think so you are on…

By Administrator in Relationship on December 14, 2016

Do you really it is hard to make your ‘Boy’ think about it. If you think so you are on the right window. Attracting guys through naughty talks has always been the easiest thing ever if you want them to think only about when are they going to meet you next. In case you are thinking what to text them just to induce them in you totally, these ideas are for you. Use them and have fun!

1. “Hey, feeling lonely wish you I could just hug you tightly”.

He would just be thinking about hugging and why he isn’t there with you.

2. “Just with your shirt on it’s too hot to wear anything else”.

 Only thought he would have was to unbutton you up.

3. “Feeling sad, want you to rub my back please come over”.

He will never want a sad face and will come home to just cuddle you and make you sleep.

4. “I wish you could be with me now, so we could watch porn together”.

Watching porn alone is just so boring and it’s the first thing a boyfriend wants to watch with you.

5. “What do you feel like doing right now”?

With this statement, he already knows that you are talking about sex.

6. Guess my last night dream? ‘We were being naughty”.

His hormones are going to dance inside him and would only want to be naughty with you.

7. Ahhhh! “Naked sleep are just so comfortable”

The naked hugs will light him up that your naked and then I think you would know what he wants to do.

8. Teddy hugs. Nah! “I want you”.

Every guy wants that he grabs your beloved teddy’s place and sleeps with you.

9. Ouch! Lingerie So tight, I want to remove it”.

Tubelight on! He is only imagining you without the lingerie just the naked you.

10. Let’s play. With what? “Each other’s body”.

The game they always want to play and you being naughty adds to their eagerness of being with you.

Start over! These texts are really impactful and will surely endorse your boyfriends into you totally. There is nothing thy are going to be thinking than being with you. Your angry young is going to melt like an ice cream with such messages. Being naughty isn’t bad after all there should be some less of seriousness and more of naughtiness in a relationship.


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