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This Viral Video Of IIT Students Dancing To Ed Sheeran's 'Shape Of You' Is Going Viral On The Internet

The college life is awesome. If you think apart from studies what the students do, then here is the sample of it. The students of IIT-Roorkee’s came up with Valentine Special video. In the video, the boys are dancing on the cover song of Ed Sheeran’s “Shape Of You, ” and it’s awesome. The video is viral on the Internet and has views around 4.6 lakhs on Youtube in just two days. The video shows four students performing in a romantic way to impress a girl of their dream. All of them are pointing to the same goal, a ‘less lonely’ Valentine’s Day.
The video is created by members of Dance Choreography Section of IIT Roorkee. The boys who are dancing are, Meet Saparia, Satyabrat Panda, Sambhav Jain and Devarsh Tiwari and the girl they are hoping to charm is Priya Ajania and Apurva Jatan.

The dance is choreographed by Meet Saparia and directed by Ankush Raut.

Most of them on Youtube comments are supportive and encouraging. One person commented that it is better than the original video while other one praised the editing and choreography. Most of the IIT students have commented and praised the cinematography and conceptualization of the video. And the last thing as we all know this will happen, some made jokes at these students and says how IIT students have dance so well. But who cares for this bad comments.

They succeed as the video is already viral on the social site. Here is the video must watch it.


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