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The Viral Fever makes it big in the entrepreneurial section, Gets listed in top 20.

Okay! so, I must assume that you all are familiar with The Viral Fever or as it is better recognized as…

By Administrator in Development on January 8, 2017

Okay! so, I must assume that you all are familiar with The Viral Fever or as it is better recognized as TVF. If not, I know you Love watching Sasural Simar ka. Well, how many you know that TVF first approached various TV Channels to book a slot for their show, ‘Inglorious Seniors’, which is also the first youtube video uploaded by them.

However, because of over-sensitive mentality of the chair-person of different TV Channels, they couldn’t get any slot. Which indeed was a blessing in disguise. They started their youtube channel in 2010 and are among the top Indian youtube channels and Ranks #1 among the creative Indian channels on youtube with 2M Subscribers followed by AIB (All India Bakchod) with 1.9M Subscribers.

So, let’s hit the point now. Recently, TVF was ranked 2nd both in Brand Rank and Reader’s Rank followed by Flipkart and Paytm in respective cases and also made it to the 20th spot in the list of Top 100 Startups by YourStory. Trust me, this feat is really big when it comes form an Entertainment company and that too well deserved.

TVF have been doing great job is attracting both, viewers and sponsors. And the way they advertise their sponsors, you would finally feel that all ads are not meant for skipping. Also, with the launch of TVF Play app and website, they’ve been on spot with what an legit startup company would have done.

Not just the achievements, their work-culture is pretty awesome as well. It’s like you come to office, have fun and then get money for it. In this cruel world with absolutely nothing left to watch on the national television, these guys along with a few others are the saviors. Their original web-series’, Pitchers, Permanent Roommates, Tripling and the current one- Humorously Yours are among the top rated web-series on Imdb and it’s highly recommended to anyone who hasn’t seen them yet.

Lastly, their very own, “Tu Beer Hai” fits very well to TVF Themselves. So, I recommend you all to leave TVs and switch to youtube. Because its not on TV, it’s on TVF. Do let us know about your favorite piece of work by TVF in the comment section below.


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