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Here Is The Real Story Of Dhoni’s Friend Santosh Lal Who Taught Him ‘Helicopter Shot’

M.S Dhoni: The untold story released this Friday and is going on well. The movie shows us the journey of…

By Administrator in Cricket on October 4, 2016

M.S Dhoni: The untold story released this Friday and is going on well. The movie shows us the journey of M.S Dhoni. We all know that Dhoni has a classical Helicopter Shot and is very popular around the world. If you dont know this, the shot was taught by Dhoni’s friend Santosh to him. In his movie this shot is called as ‘THAPPAD SHOT’ and is invented by his childhood friend Santosh Lal. Dhoni and Santosh Lal were best friends from Childhood. Both used to play cricket together. They travelled around the states for their cricket matches.

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Even after becoming a star Dhoni never forgot his friendship with Santosh. In July,2013 Santosh was gone to Ranchi to play cricket and from there to Jharkhand. But unfortunately there Santosh suffered with pancreatitis and he died. At this time Dhoni was in New york on Vacation. Dhoni arranged air ambulance for Santosh to go Delhi and for a better treatment but the ambulance reached Delhi the day after because of the thunderstorms and the helicopter landed at Varanasi before reaching Delhi. As it got too late to reach Delhi his condition went bad and the doctors couldn’t save him and Santosh lost his life.

Santosh Lal
Photo credit: India Today

Without Santosh, Dhoni wouldn’t be Dhoni the star of Indian Cricket. With the best wishes and love towards Dhoni today our favorite Dhoni Is the star. We hope we all get a friend Like Santosh and May his soul rest in peace. That is just one of the many interesting aspects of MS Dhoni’s life. The movie portrays several aspects of Dhoni’s life that not many knew about before, Specially the truth about the inventor of the helicopter shot, for which Indian cricket fans will forever be indebted of late Santosh Lal.

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