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The Real Phogat sisters on Kapil Sharma show had a tough pani-puri competition.

Kapil Sharma show has been a hunt for comedy and entertainment on TV when you are bored. This time what is new is Phogat sisters from the box office hit movie Dangal. Dangal stars Aamir Khan and onscreen Phogat sisters did not go to Kapil’s show he invited Real Phogat sisters. All the four sisters were there on the show and had a great time with Kapil.

An inspiration of the real superheroes and being with them is such an amazing feeling. Kapil could have done nothing better than this instead. Mahavir Singh Phogat father of Geeta Phogat and Babita Phogat had an appearance on the show. We all remember after the movie how hard working and dedicated both of them were towards their wrestling.

Phogat sisters had been restricted to have paani-puri even in real life same as shown in the movie by their wrestler-father. Who does not love chat? Kapil had kept a competition for both of them to have paani-puri. Guess what? both of them really still cannot have paan-puri. While Mahavir on the set had declined the offer before only because they had a very different diet.

Here is the video of Kapil Sharma show with the real Phogat sisters.

As soon as the started gorging on the chat they say now they do not miss it since it’s been a long while. Sisters had full enthusiasm and spirit while they started having the spicy paani-puri. When Kapil asked Geeta and Babita whether they still get scared of their Father they both nodded their heads. Proud to have them and their only coach together on the show.

Geeta and Babita still cannot have paani-puri.

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