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The New Nomination Task That Never Happened In Bigg Boss! Know Everything About It Here

The reality show Bigg Boss 10 is going on, day by day it’s becoming interesting with new twists and shocking…

By Administrator in Bigg Boss on November 7, 2016

The reality show Bigg Boss 10 is going on, day by day it’s becoming interesting with new twists and shocking turns. We all know that all the powers are in Bigg Boss hand. The another week has passed and it’s time for nominations, the scariest thing. We saw Bigg Boss has sent Swami ji to the secret room then introduced the nomination task. We even got news that Priyanka Jagga is coming back in the show as a contestant and she will join Swami ji in the secret room. This time nominations are different and it has never happened in the show till now. We are going to tell you that this time nominations are different from first, there are no open nomination or no confession room!! You all might be thinking how is the nomination round this time, don’t you worry we are here to tell you everything.

In the garden area of the Bigg Boss house the King size chair is kept with a telephone, these all things are kept for nominations. Whenever the phone rings, one contestant should go and sit on the chair and Bigg Boss will individually talk to them on the phone. Bigg Boss will give a task to the contestant and they need to finish the task anyhow to get safe from the nominations. Sound’s interesting!!

New Nomination Task That Has Never Happened In Bigg Boss House


VJ Bani sits first on the chair, she was asked to get Gaurav Chopra’s eyebrows bleached to be safe from nomination. Gaurav agrees to do it after so much of discussion. Then BB asks Bani to nominate one contestant she nominates Rohan Mehra.

After Bani, Rohan comes and was asked to destroy Karan Mehra’s wife’s Photo. Guess what?? Karan destroys his wife’s photo. Then Rohan nominates Monalisa. Then Monalisa nominates Nitibha Kaul. Nitibha has already won Two Weeks of immunity. BB ask her to give back 25 Lakhs then this amount won’t be deducted from the winning price. But she refused to do so and stays safe from two weeks of nominations. Then she nominates Gaurav Chopra. Likewise, all the contestants sit and nominate.

Now, it is exciting to see what drama will be done with this new task and who will be nominated this week. This task is definitely going to create a lot of buzz and controversies in the house. This is a new and great task that has never happened in the Bigg Boss.

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