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The Lovely Indian Bride And Groom Entering Their Wedding On Hoverboards, It's Just Amazing!

For Indians, wedding is a Grand Event. Wedding rituals start from the week before, from the minor things like food, wedding venue, drama, wardrobes are first things which take place in the wedding. The bride and bridegrooms to be will be so excited, and they make sure they add fun to their wedding and make their wedding unforgettable. Mostly in Indian Wedding, Groom arrives on ghodi(horse), but nowadays the entry has changed. Recently we have told you about the wedding in Jaisalmer where the Bride drive scooter and Groom rode Camel and reached till their wedding place. Now again we have got something new, the new entry of Bride and Groom to their marriage.
This Indian couple has made a plan to enter their marriage in a different way. They entered their wedding on the Hoverboards. Isn’t it something different!
The celebrities had made their entry different, and now even the Indian people are doing the same thing. Yuvraj Singh entered his wedding on an ATV, Karan Singh Grover on Hoverboard and Arunoday Singh in Cadillac.
This Indian couple who made their entry on Hoverboard are from  Auckland. This wedding video is going viral on the Internet and it is so beautiful. The bride is dressed in a beautiful Bride Lehenga, and the Groom is in her Sherwani.

Here is the video of the couple entering on Hoverboard in their wedding.

India is changing day by day!

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