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The Ghazi Attack's trailer is Out and It's Gonna Blow Your Mind!

People normally remember the 4 wars that were fought between India and Pakistan but there has been also another war…

By Administrator in Bollywood on January 14, 2017

People normally remember the 4 wars that were fought between India and Pakistan but there has been also another war in the year 1971 which was an underwater war fought between India and Pakistan, a naval war ‘The Ghazi Attack’ that very few People know about. This war started prior to the infamous 1971 Indo-Pak war, which was for the liberation of east Pakistan (Now called as Bangladesh).
If all the existing stories are to be believed, Pakistan’s Naval commissioner decided to sent it’s largest submarine PNS Ghazi to destroy India’s Airplane carrier INS Vikrant. For Pakistan to gain any access over Bay of Bengal, which was necessary to access the East Pakistan, it was really essential for them to destroy INS Vikrant.

Ghazi was a very powerful submarine which could travel 11,000 nautical miles and thus had an ability to stay underwater for over a month. Pakistan decided to go under the radar and sent Ghazi to destroy INS Vikrant from Karachi in mid-november. However, it is believed that a message was sent to the Chittagong naval authorities enquiring about a special grade of lubrication oil which was exclusively employed by submarines and minesweepers. Fortunately, this message was intercepted by the Indian Navy.

After this, Indian navy came up with a brilliant plan to make the people in Ghazi to believe that INS Vikrant was near Vizag. They actually sent INS Vikrant at a secret location near Andaman. Another ship which was a world war II material named INS Rajput was sent to Vizag to pretend that it’s INS Vikrant.
This ship intentionally sent signals to the submarine so that it could make them believe that they were proceeding in correct direction. The Captain of INS Rajput, Inder Singh ordered to fire underwater and fortunately they were able to hit the right spot. PNS Ghazi sunk along with all the boarders. However, this is what the Indians said. Pakistan has been denying it all and have been saying that PNS Ghazi sunk due to some collisions faced by it with the mines planted by self in the dark.

It’s quite obvious which one is more logical! Isn’t it?

Trailer of a movie based on these incidents dropped a day ago and it has made it into waiting-list of too many People. The movie stars Taapsee Pannu and Rana Daggubati in the leads. This movie is special also as it features Late Shri Om Puri Ji in the role of a Naval officer. The movie is produced by Karan Johar and AA Films and is directed by Sankalp Reddy. It’s definitely going to be a treat to watch.

Just in case you haven’t seen The Ghazi Attack trailer, watch it below and let us know your views in the comment section:

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