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Tesla confirms launching of its "Model 3" in India this summer and we are excited

The wait of India to see Tesla’s car in India might be over in this year. The CEO of Tesla…

By Administrator in Lifestyle Technology on February 9, 2017

The wait of India to see Tesla’s car in India might be over in this year. The CEO of Tesla Elon Musk has hinted us by telling that the company is hoping to launch Model 3 in India in this Summer. Tesla’s self-ruling car is expected to come in India between the end of June and Starting of September.
Elon Musk replied to a person on Twitter when he asked about Tesla Launch. Elon Said, the company is looking to expand their business and debut its car in India this summer (hopefully).

Here is the tweet of Elon Musk:

Last Year, when Tesla company introduced the entry-level Model 3, India was the first First country where the car was to be launched.
Last Year, Elon announced that Tesla Model 3 will be available in new countries like India, Brazil, New Zealand and South Africa and can be booked on pre-order for an amount of $1,000. The Model 3 is the most expensive Tesla, in India it will cost about Rs.40 Lakhs. It is so expensive because of the duty structure for imports. The range of the car is 400 Km, and it can hit 96 km/h in six seconds.

Let’s not get overly excited as it is so early to get excited about the new car. Last year when PM Modi visited Tesla’s Silicon Valley factory, Elon Musk announced his plans, from that time there is no conclusion. He also hinted at setting up a battery plant in India.
Model X is our favorite car in the Company portfolio. An SUV with trick gullwing doors that open upwards, it looks like a stunner.

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