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Gilgit-Baltistan‬‬: Terrorist Attack In Pakistan, Forces gun down terrorists

Terrorist Attack happens once again in Pakistan. As many as eight terrorists were killed by security forces in two different actions…

By Administrator in International News on March 17, 2016

Terrorist Attack happens once again in Pakistan. As many as eight terrorists were killed by security forces in two different actions at Khyber Agency and Gilgit-Baltistan regions. Two Pakistani troops and three militants were killed in a rare Terrorist Attack in Gilgit-Baltistan.

It added: “The terrorists killed were involved in attacks on civil transport, tourists and security forces. Two security forces personnel also embraced shahadat (martyrdom) in exchange of fire.” A search operation is still underway, it added, and security forces have cordoned off the site in Gayal village. The statement did not mention which group the militants belonged to, but the Chilas district is a known stronghold of Sunni extremist outfits such as the Sipah-e-Sahaba Pakistan and Lashkar-e-Jhangvi.

The latest killing came after five terrorists were killed on Wednesday night when they attacked a military check post in Khyber Agency, army said.

Gunmen dressed in police uniforms stormed the base camp at Nanga Parbat, Pakistan’s second highest mountain camp, and shot dead one American who also held Chinese citizenship, two other Chinese, three Ukrainians, two Slovakians, one Lithuanian, one Nepalese and a Pakistani guide. The attack led to a slump in foreign visitors, though the tourism industry has recovered slightly since, thanks in part to a huge rise in domestic holiday-makers.


On the other hand, the National Assembly was told today that operation against terrorism is going on across Pakistan under National Action Plan. Parliamentary Secretary for Interior Maryam Aurangzeb informed the House during question hour that a number of terrorists have been arrested in Punjab during the operation.

She pointed out that combing operation, Madrasa registration and action against hate speech and material are being taken throughout Pakistan. The parliamentary secretary said steps of the government to control incidents of terrorism in Karachi resulted in significant reduction in incidents of terrorism.

Pakistan has been battling a homegrown Islamist insurgency for more a decade following its decision to side with the US-led coalition against the Taliban in Afghanistan.

Please share your views on Gilgit-Baltistan Terrorist Attack and how can Pakistan curb such issues.



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