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Terrifying Moment A Packed Passenger Plane Is Struck In The Mid Air As The Storm Chaser Catches Lightning.

This moment is terrifying as the fully packed airplane full of passenger, struck in mid-air because of the bolt of…

By Administrator in News on January 16, 2017

This moment is terrifying as the fully packed airplane full of passenger, struck in mid-air because of the bolt of lightning. This incident happened just after the plane left from Moscow’s Vnukovo International Airport. The plane was going to Sochi. Storm chaser Julia Musina has recorded this video and said this happened on January 2, just before the nightfall. They were on their way to Sochi and two hours 20 minutes were left to reach there. On the way, a powerful bolt of lightning struck the plane from the sky and it struck the plane’s carriage.

Julia Musina, a Storm Chaser, said, ‘It’s pretty scary to see this from the ground. The people on the plane must have been nervous if they noticed what had happened. The plane was just flying as if nothing has happened. This is not okay for nervous flyers and the scariest time is when they Take Off the flight. He even said that his friend recorded the video and gave it to him. They follow the dramatic weather.

At the time they landed at Sochi International Airport the staff checked the aircraft. A person from the airport said that both the pilots were interviewed and the airplane was sent for a technical inspection to check whether everything is perfect or not. The spokesperson added, ‘On arrival at the destination airport at the post-flight inspection found traces of destruction of atmospheric electricity discharge.’ The inspector of the another flight figured out that there was a little damage to the flight.

The crew members of the plane and all the passengers may see a flash or hear some noise of the lightning; they will always be safe because of lightning protection engineer in the aircraft.

Here are some of the pictures of the lightning.

The picture of Boeing 747, being struck by a huge lightning bolt moments after take off.

Flying through the stormy sky, the packed passenger plane was struck.

Here is the video you must watch it.

It is good that no one was hurt and they landed safely at Sochi International Airport.

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