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Teacher Pulls Off A Hair Of 6 Year Old Girl For This Silly And Disgusting Reason!

Torture and embarrassment of students by teachers is the old thing which happens with many of the students. To stop this…

By Administrator in News Viral on January 22, 2017

Torture and embarrassment of students by teachers is the old thing which happens with many of the students. To stop this torture by teachers strict rules have been made. We often go through this incident when one innocent student becomes the victim of this torture. Some of the students even commit suicide because of this.
In this incident, there is the new student who is added to this list. A little girl who is just six years old, studying in the second standard in Thane’s Gyanoday Vidyamandir was treated badly by her class teacher Rekha Nair. Miss Rekha has scared the little girl for her whole life. We can’t believe that teachers can go at this level. The teacher has pulled out a little girls hair in the punishment just because the girl fees was not paid. On Monday this incident took pace in Mumbai and only RS. 4000 fees were left to pay. She can’t even think what she has done with the little girl just for this much amount. The pain will end in some days, but the fear will not go away from that girl.
The little girl told her father about this incident when her father asked her why she is not going to school. Then the girl said to her father everything how teacher grabbed her hair, screamed and shaken her. This is something shocking by which any of the parents will take a strict action.

After listening to his daughter, Akhilesh Gupta got very angry, and at the same time he went to the school and asked the authorities to take action against Rekha Nair.
On Friday her father told to Times Of India, “My daughter, Prachi, was crying at the mention of the idea of going to school. I was shocked when she told me what happened. I have a small photo studio in Indira Nagar area, and my wife is a housewife. I immediately gathered whatever savings I had, paid the fees and reported the incident to the principal. I could see my daughter shaking with fear when the teacher, Rekha Nair, entered the principal’s cabin. My daughter still cannot get over the incident and has not gone to school until today.”

He further added, “Even though the teacher has been suspended, there is no serious action taken against her or the management. I have been pursuing the matter and will not rest till my daughter is given justice.”
The authorities of the school said it’s a serious problem and they will investigate the matter.
RN Tiwari, the school’s secretary, said, “We have always told our teachers not to hit the students as punishment, and about how corporal punishment is against the law. The teacher has been suspended for a week. We have asked her for her response to the incident in written. If this response is not acceptable, we will terminate her position at the school.”

Akhilesh Gupta said he was going to file an FIR, but the police said to sort the things out between him and school. “I was going to register a FIR at the Vartak Nagar police station, but two police officials there refused to file the complaint saying that the matter should be resolved internally between the school and me. I want to pursue this case and ensure that the teacher, as well as the management, gets their due for assaulting my six-year-old daughter.”
A strict action must be taken against them who all are responsible for this. This is just disgusting. Do share your thought with us by commenting below.

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