AIB’S comedian Tanmay Bhat has once again started posting snapchat video on his social media accounts. After facing massive objection for insulting Sachin Tendulkar and Lata Mangeshkar in a snapchat video. On 10 July, Tanmay Bhat uploaded a new Snapchat video after the controversy, it came with a warning, “I apologize for this in advance please don’t watch this.”


In this video Tanmay swapping his face with the image of a spectacled bee, he speaks of haters and their habit of picking on the weaker ones. The humour however, is not ‘laugh out loud’ funny considering the level of jokes Tanmay Bhat is reputed to crack.

Tanmay Bhat wrote on his Facebook Page: Guys – please know Snapchat is a silly platform where almost everybody always improvises. You open the app – put on a silly filter and just post something that you think is fun. They disappear in 24 hours tops. Sometimes they’re funny. Sometimes they’re not funny. I post the ones that people respond to very positively on snapchat here. Of course, neither of those results are meant to not be taken seriously. These aren’t scripted attempts at comedy – they are literally for timepass – almost everybody uses it to kill time and have fun. Just setting some context for future snapchat uploads.

Which Indian icon is Tanmay Bhat targeting?

Watch the video here:

I apologize for this in advance please don't watch this – Snapchat ID – thetanmay

Posted by Tanmay Bhat on Saturday, July 9, 2016