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Tanmay Bhat opens tale of his life about body shaming which turned his life and inspires his fans.

Shaming because of the body size or colour of your skin or the weird face is not the only problem…

By Administrator in Viral on December 2, 2016

Shaming because of the body size or colour of your skin or the weird face is not the only problem faced by people of India but it is faced by everyone around the country. Body-shaming and skin colour should not be matter of concern for anyone, as each and everyone of us is different form one another. Everybody has started trying to write off from the sin-list about body shaming.

However, some must have been trapped down by people by their comments and trolls which come their way in every step they take in life. But people with brave souls come out of this hatred and start a new chapter which make them shine like a star. And isn’t is really satisfying for the shining star to see its hater turn their face seeing you happy and successful.

While you have must have got sour lemons from many people, but you turn that sour lemon into a sweet juice.

Here is an inspiring tale of the co-founder of All India Bakchod Tanmay Bhat, uploaded by Humans of Bombay which has turned his life into a successful life.


“I grew up in a small middle class family where everyone around me was either a doctor or an engineer. I have always been overweight, and a huge part of my childhood revolved around trying to be funny as a defence mechanism. I loved being the class clown, the kid who everyone referred to as funny. Growing up, I was obsessed with Johnny Lever to the point where I would tape over his voice and crack his jokes for over an hour with ease. On the 26th of January when I was in the 7th Grade, there was a building function going on and I mustered up the courage to ask the organisers to give me 5 minutes on stage. I told them I couldn’t dance, or do kart wheels but I would make people laugh. I went on and for 20 minutes straight released all the Johnny Lever jokes within me…and I basically slayed. You could say that my first tryst with comedy stemmed from way back then.
My parents were concerned with my weight for health reasons, so when I was in the 8th standard they bought me a cycle at home and motivated me to lose 5 kgs in 6 months. That was a significant incident in my life because even though I had no pressure from my parents, it was an admission of a huge flaw. I remember cycling and weeping because that’s when I thought If I couldn’t even lose 5kgs, what was I really capable of? But like they say, from your biggest adversity comes the biggest opportunity — after that I was never the same again. I worked my ass off— my numbers were perfect — I topped my school and my college and became obsessed with making something of myself and proving a point.

I gave up trying to become a marine engineer and focussed on my biggest passion — comedy. I have gone to every festival — from Malhar to everything else just to perform and get on stage. I have written, performed and have been part of events where I’ve been the only performer because no one else applied. At 18, I’ve written for Mumbai Mirror and by the age of 25 I had written over 15 television shows — I worked fucking hard.Then I remember my first legit stand up happened when Kavi Shastri advised me to talk about who I am— for 20 minutes I joked about what it’s like to be fat and people loved it and I loved the applause — it was like a drug like nothing else and I think that’s when I decided I wanted to do this for the rest of my life.

So very honestly, when people troll me for being fat on twitter I actually reply saying, ‘thank you’ because if I wasn’t fat I would have never worked this hard. I say thank you because I have an entire career because of it. I say thank you, because if it wasn’t for those jokes, I wouldn’t have had that much anger in me to go out there and kill it.”

He made the best out of the trolls and comments he received from his haters and directed his anger and hate towards a right directions. And now you can see how has become an inspiration for the body shaming people and who still cry for their skin color.

The best thing one can do if they are trapped by people for bad things is just ignore them and kick them out of your life, forget the negativity, dust your self , dress royally and then walk like a boss in front of their face!



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