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Tamil actress Gautami wants to know why so much secrecy on Jayalalitha’s death? raises question to PM Modi.

On December 5, Jayalalitha Chief Minister of Tamil Nadu who died for days ago was a shock to the whole…

By Administrator in News on December 9, 2016

On December 5, Jayalalitha Chief Minister of Tamil Nadu who died for days ago was a shock to the whole country.  Gautami, Kamal Haasan‘s ex-has taken to her blog to solve her questions appearing in her mind as to Why so much secrecy has been maintained by Tamil Nadu government about her health issues and death. The 48-year-old star questions to PM Narendra Modi about why nobody was allowed to access with her while she was in the hospital.

Turned out lung infection was just a minor fever and vomiting at the start. In last one week, the Chairman of Apollo Hospital where Amma was admitted had said that her health is getting better and now she is normal. On Sunday, news came out that she is suffering from a cardiac heart attack after which all her Chennai supporters were in a bad condition. Her demise seems to be more unsettling than tragedic for all.

Gautami Tadimalla writes a blog for the same arising question to PM. During 75 days period no information was said out about her illness and her death was unwrapped with no big clue. No big dignities or ministry officials were allowed to visit her when she was admitted Why so? The public wants to know about the isolation and the hidden truth. People have treated her more than God and believed in her.

Gautami raises question addressing PM Modi directly through her blogs about the secrecy maintained on Jayalalitha death.

jayalalitha gautami

Her question has been direct and properly addressed very upfront. Why no access to our CM and so many restrictions? When Jayalalitha’s death was in a delicate state who were the people who were taking her treatment decision? Who is answerable to all the questions and the public wants to know the answers?

Democratically elected leader Chief Minister Jayalalitha’s health was a major concern to all her supporters and the whole country. There are still many burning questions to the death of Amma left unanswered and that is why Gautami addresses the blog directly to PM Narendra Modi.

Kamal Haasan’s live-in relationship was with Tamil actress Gautami Tadimalla.

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