Eye to eye ! This song was almost on every laptop screen and on everyone’s troll list when it first came out! Even Ranveer Singh did a dubsmash on the same. Well, the same singer has come out with another single. The song is named Angel.

The lyrics are as meaningful as they were last time. Take this for example:

Your love is, my true Angel,
Without you I always live alone,
As the heart beats, without a soul,
I fall in love with you, always,
Like Angels, love other angels,
Angel, Angel…mankind’s angel,
Laa, Laa, Laa, Laa, Laa, Laa, Laa.

However, the self-proclaimed “sensational singer” had said in an interview that it took him 30 years to pen the lyrics to ‘Eye to Eye’, so it was expected that fans would have quite the wait ahead of them for his next video.

But after two years, the wait is finally over and Taher Shah is finally out with his new video, ‘Angel’.

Watch  Taher Shah’s Angel Video Song Here:

The video surely ups the ante when it comes to editing and special effects, opening with probably all the effects that were in the video editor’s arsenal. This video, however, unlike the last one doesn’t make use of the editor’s Taher-doubling skills.

And if this didn’t move you, here’s his popular song ‘Eye to Eye’ that created sensation all over: