A miracle has happened in Turkish Hospital. A Syrian Mother who is 42 years old and her daughter 21 years old has given birth to their kids at the same time. Both mother and the daughter has undergone Caesarean sections at a Turkish hospital.

The mother is Fatma Birinci 42 gave birth to her baby yesterday and at the same time as her daughter Gade Birinci 21, in the Turkish city of Konya. Three years ago, the pair went to their native country because of the civil war. At the time they went both of them found out that they were pregnant in the same week.

Mother And Her Daughter Give Birth To Their Babies Same Time

Both of them are blessed with a baby boy and they are named Recep and Tayyip. As per the news on Ensonhaber. These names are the first two names of the current Turkish president Recep Tayyip Erdoğan.

A Mother Fatma Birinci

A Daughter Gade Birinci

 The chief physician of the hospital Erkan Ataş, visited the mother and the daughter in the hospital room after they gave a successful birth. The physician said, he has never heard of the event like this. The mother and the daughter escaped from the war and came to our country and took refuge in Turkey for three years.

The Doctors called this birth a “Miracle”. Doctors of Gynecology and Obstetrics Naim Unsal called it a miracle. Naim Unsal said all the previous birth of the mother were cesareans.

Still, it is not known where the father are or if they witnessed the birth.

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