Swami Ji’s Dirty Comment After Monalisa’s Vulgar Dance!! Its Shocking

Swami Ji in Bigg Boss 10 from team India wale. Swami Ji is the most entertaining contestant in the house. We see in Weekend ka vaar how Salman Khan encourages Swami to stay strong, even Salman knows how Swami passes dirty comments on the female contestants in the house. The biggest shock was he is eliminated from the house but is kept in the secret room from where he can see each and every contestant in the house what are they doing and what they talking. After he was eliminated from the house his team members were broken with tears. Manu and Manveer were regretting their bad behavior with him.

Swami Ji Passes Dirty Comment On Monalisa’s Vulgar Dance


Swami Ji in the secret room keeping an eye on each of the house members is playing an ugly game to be in the show. We saw the shocking side of Swami Ji, once again he passed dirty comments on Monalisa and other contestants. When Mona was dancing, Swami talking to himself says Monalisa is trying to grab the attention of the audience through her vulgar dance. Swami even said everyone in the house is disgusting. We saw Swami Ji how he went in the pool and joined Mona, he says Mona is his BETI (Daughter). Soon in the secret room, Priyanka Jagga will be joining Swami Ji.

Don’t you think this comment by Swami Ji was shocking??

Swami ji needs to stop doing all this. Share your thoughts with us by commenting below.

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