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Swami Ji Says Manu Is Wrong: In Return Swami Gets Insulted From Manu

Swami Ji is back in the Bigg Boss house after three days staying in a Secret room. Swami Ji was…

By Administrator in Bigg Boss on November 10, 2016

Swami Ji is back in the Bigg Boss house after three days staying in a Secret room. Swami Ji was enjoying and relaxing in the secret room and was keeping an eye on all the housemates. Swami is back and joined all the housemates and started irritating everyone with his silly blabber and continuous arguments. Before he came in the house Bigg Boss tells Swami Om that he will return to the house today but he should wait for the decision of the housemates. Nitibha announces luxury budget there in the list there was Swami Ji also but everyone refuses to choose him. But then also BB sent him inside the house. He came in and started his silly lecture, the audience is enjoying his funny behavior. Now, we definitely know that the drama and entertainment will go to a higher level because there are no teams, now the game is individual.

Swami Ji accuses Manu: In return Gets Insulted

In last night’s episode, we saw BB gives a task to Swami to disclose the secrets of housemates. He starts with Mona and says she should not be so closed to Manu because she is getting married. Swami makes a statement on Manu and Manveer’s fake relations with Lokesh and Monalisa. Manu is fake with his relations with all and he has a close friend outside the house, says Swami Ji. He says Manu and Manveer to be truthful to their sister Lokesh. Swami then gets into the heated argument with all the housemates, Manu and Manveer insults him. As Babaji finished his statement about Manu he stood up clapped his hands and said: “Aage Bad” (“Get Away”). OMG!! Strange drama and fights are already started in the house. Babaji has just entered the house and its all started.

Watch the video of Manu’s Anger. How he says Swami Ji “Get Away”


Here is the video of Swami Ji reveals Manu’s true face:

Do you think now game will be interesting after come back of Swami?? Share your views with us.

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