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This Surat Diamond Merchant Gifts 400 Flats And 1,200 Cars To His Staff As Diwali Gift

Savji Dholakia, A diamond merchant from Surat is all over the internet and everyone we know wants to work with…

By Administrator in Viral on October 28, 2016

Savji Dholakia, A diamond merchant from Surat is all over the internet and everyone we know wants to work with him, as Savji Dholakia and his firm Hare Krishna Exports will give around 1,200 cars, 400 flats and jewellery to his employees as Diwali bonus.

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Hare Krishna Exports, has already spent Rs 51 crores on Diwali bonuses this year, with as many as 1,716 employees were named as the company’s best performers and the bonuses were announced to them at an informal meeting of employees on Tuesday. He said the 400 flats of 1,100 square feet would be allotted in the company’s own housing scheme which would come dirt cheap at Rs. 15 lakh and with the monthly instalment which the employee will start paying after five years.

Last year also the company gave 491 cars and 200 flats to its employees and the year before that, the company spent Rs. 50 crore on incentives, Surat diamond merchant Savji Dholakia said.

Dholakia, comes from Dudhala village situated in Amreli district of Gujarat and has established and grew his diamond business using a loan from his uncle. This was not an overnight success. He has sought to impart that wisdom to his son Dravya, whom he sent to Kochi in India with only three sets of clothing and Rs 7,000 as an emergency money, so that the young man could learn to stand on his own feet.

Savji Dholakia, a big-hearted diamond tycoon in Gujarat, is again giving away hundreds of vehicles and flats to his employees as a bonus for achieving targets. Dholakia, announced his company will give around 1,260 motorcars, 400 flats and some pieces of jewellery to his employees ahead of Diwali, which falls on the weekend. He said the rewards will be given on the basis of  outstanding performance and dedication shown by employees in the last five years.

The company will be spending an estimated amount of Rs 500 million (Rs 50 crore) under the loyalty programme to reward an undisclosed number of staff from a total workforce of 5,500. The generous boss gave 491 motorcars and 207 flats to his employees under a same programme in 2014. Most employees receive presents like  boxes of Indian sweets or chocolates but Dholakia has been making headlines since 2012, by giving expensive gifts to his employees. Everyone wants to have a boss like him but very less people get it.


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