Logan Paul recently posted a video of a dead body in Japan’s “suicide forest.” where he encountered the body of a man who had taken his own life in the popular tourist destination. The video showed various parts of the body, while Paul occasionally cracks jokes or laughs about it and people of the internet doesn’t seem to be liking it. Everyone is saying that Logan Paul is stupid, he is doing it for views, he should not laugh near dead body and stuff but here are the things you don’t know.

logan paul suicide

– He already gets millions and millions of views ain’t no big deal for him

– His original plan was to camp in the suicide forest but things didn’t go as planned

– He didn’t show the body in his vlog he just showed the hands coz its turned purple rest everything is blurred

– He was trying to give a good message in his vlogs like always, he tries to make his vlogs as positive and motivating possible

– Many are saying he is acting fake I want these people to watch it again it is the most natural reaction I’ve ever seen

PewDiePie made a video about this in the video he said many things that are out of context

– He showed them laughing but that clip was from the beginning of the vlog (misuse of editing)

– He was saying that why they are filming the body first and not calling the police, imagine you saw a dead body what would you do inspect the body or just straight up call the police plus he called the police just as he saw the thing he just happens to film it first. Trust me I’ve watched the vlog and at one point pewd’s have said that he just clicked a surprised face pic and put the dead body in the thumbnail, I’ve seen the thumb there was no dead body in the thumb

I am watching pewdiepie since 3 years I am his big fan but pewdiepie is misleading and so do all similar channels are for this case