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Sunny Leone’s nude photo pops up on Greater Hyderabad municipal corporation’s website

Nude photo of actress  Sunny Leone left officials of Greater Hyderabad municipal corporation red-faced on Monday after it continued to…

By Administrator in Bollywood on April 26, 2016

Nude photo of actress  Sunny Leone left officials of Greater Hyderabad municipal corporation red-faced on Monday after it continued to appear on their website’s main page and several link pages despite their technical team’s valiant attempts to take it down. Sunny’s picture first appeared on the main page of the website and also in the offsite real time monitoring system which tracks the garbage tracks in the city of Nizams. The photograph was captioned ‘having fun in the shower’, spiking traffic on the website. When the tech team managed to remove the explicit picture from the main page, it reportedly started appearing on other pages of the website. Later, the team finally managed to pull the photo off the website.

The municipality officials though tried to pass the blame by claiming that the site is maintained by the Centre for Good Governance (CGG). Officials are unsure whether the site was hacked or it was an internal job. No formal police complaint has been lodged, as per reports. Even when Leone has carved a niche in Bollywood and is unapologetic about her career choices, it looks like her past came back to haunt a sarkari website!

“This website was previously used to verify sanitation workers attendance and also garbage disposal details of the vehicles,” GHMC Commissioner B. Janardhan Reddy said in the release, while maintaining distance from the content that is now hosted on the website and its current owner. He said that they have discontinued OSRT online services since two years and directed the vigilance officials to look into the matter.

According to Kiran Chandra of Swetcha, a free software movement organisation, the GHMC did not renew the domain that hosted the OSRT website. After expiry of the GHMC’s ownership, the domain was acquired by another entity, who hosted pornographic content. A search for OSRT’s registration details revealed that it was purchased in January this year by a Greater Noida resident. There were no details of past ownership by Telangana or AP government, indicating the long delay in renewal. However, a web search for cached ORTS pages revealed that it was a genuine website that was once used by the GHMC and may have hosted relevant content until as late as last October. The shocked officials immediately alerted the technical team who removed the picture. No complaint has been lodged. However, the officials alleged that the website was hacked.

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