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Sunil Pal Slams Tanmay Bhat By Making Pathetic Comment, Says His Audience Are All Gays & Lesbians!

Comedian Sunil Pal, who has been seen in many comedy shows and also the movies, hit out at Tanmay Bhat…

By Administrator in News on June 1, 2016

Comedian Sunil Pal, who has been seen in many comedy shows and also the movies, hit out at Tanmay Bhat and AIB in an interview to TV9.  Sunil Pal was going all out with his attack against stand-up comic Tanmay Bhat, for mocking Sachin Tendulkar and Lata Mangeshkar in a Snapchat video. Sunil Pal said Tanmay Bhat’s jokes are unintelligible only meaningless and below the belt. He catches hold of woman and makes fun of her, and she enjoys it, says Sunil Pal. Or, he catches hold of man and makes fun of him, and he enjoys it.

Sunil Pal on a news panel discussing Tanmay Bhat’s video and his shows, when he said, “Half of the people who come to his show are gays and lesbians, whose motive is to spoil the society.”

Sunil Pal mocks AIB and says that nobody understands their jokes. He claims that AIB teases girls and boys in the audience in a bad way. He even says that their live shows and roasts have mostly gay and lesbian people in the audience! “Aadhe se zyaada andar toh gay aur lesbian baithe hote hai. Samaaj ko ganda hi karna hai unne“, Sunil Pal says.

After the video surfaced, ‘Sunil Pal’ started trending on Twitter.

This comment did not go down well with a lot of people who took to social media to criticise the Sunil Pal comments. Sunil Pal, while speaking on the panel also criticised Bhat’s shows and said, “He stands in front of the audience and cracks vulgar jokes, makes below the belt comments and even harasses men and women in the audience, who strangely seem okay with it.”

Sunil Pal, best known for his victory in the first edition of The Great Indian Laughter Challenge in 2005.

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