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Sunil Pal, Ahsaan Qureshi, Raju Srivastav Tried To Make Us Laugh In The Kapil Sharma Show But They Fail To Replace Sunil And Ali

From the time the fight broke between Kapil and Sunil, Sunil and his co-stars Ali Asgar and Chandan Prabhakar have…

By Administrator in Television on March 27, 2017

From the time the fight broke between Kapil and Sunil, Sunil and his co-stars Ali Asgar and Chandan Prabhakar have quit the show. Even the celebrities are not willing to come to the show in this atmosphere. After the big clash between them, there was news that it might be the last show of The Kapil Sharma Show if nothing is sorted between Sunil and Kapil. We saw the Saturday’s episode without Sunil, Ali, and Chandan when the cast of Naam Shabana came on the Show. Nothing looked the same even on Sunday, as the new comedians have entered the show Raju Srivastav, Sunil Pal and Ahsaan Qureshi. We can say that three of them are good at their place, and they even tried to make us laugh, but they failed to do like Ali, Sunil, and Chandan.
When the episode started Kapil appreciated the people who laugh and said many reasons for it. Then he pointed to Navjot Singh Sidhu who had entered the National Congress Party by saying “haste haste kahi log minister ban jaate hain.”

Then he welcomed Raju Srivastav and handed over the platform to him. Kapil left Raju on the stage and went and sat beside Navjot Singh. Raju made us remember old jokes but for the first time, it sounded dry and dead. Raju cracked the joke on Kapil and said, “Kapil is so sanskari that even when he is inside the bathroom, he changes his underwear by putting on a towel.”
Then came Sunil Pal who started his comedy with a drunkard man Ratan Noora. He was a bit funny for some moments. Then comes Ahsaan Qureshi in his poetic style. But then the show turned into boring that if he would have cracked joke then also it wasn’t noticed.
Kiku Sharda came on a bicycle and did some moments on stage; he was the only person who was laughing at his own jokes. Then arrived Rochelle Rao who was tired of the men who was saying to be in love with her. Raju Srivastava did Shahrukh Khan’s mimicry of Raj Malhotra from DDLJ.
So guys whoever watched The Kapil Sharma Show will know how it was? How was the episode without Sunil, Ali, and Chandan? Will Sunil and his co-stars will return to the show? Please do share your thoughts with us by commenting below.

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