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Sunil Grover Tweeted A Heartful Message That Talks About His Future Plans

As we are aware of the Comedian Sunil Grover and Kapil Sharma who are in the controversy in these days. There is news that Sunil has quit the show, but again today we got news that he is still a part of the show. Till now no one has confirmed that Sunil has really quit the show. Sunil Grover has tweeted a heartfelt note and revealed about his future. In the tweet, he even spoke about his son Mohan.

Here is the Tweet, check it out.

Sunil posted a tweet today early morning on 28th March 2017. Sunil thanked all of his fans for the love he has got. He said, “I am non-existent without the love. My public identity is just because of the love that you shower. I embrace it.”
He reveals that he is feeling nervous and lost and even said, that he is not sure about his future. He said he is looking for a good work and the work where there are good people who accept his intentions.
Sunil thank God that his son Mohan is sleeping beside him, he feels lucky and smiles after seeing Mohan’s innocent face. His son reminds him that tomorrow will be beautiful. He said, “New… Yet beautiful.”
After the unexpected fight between Kapil Sharma and Sunil Grover while coming back to Mumbai on the flight. Sharma hit Sunil and abused him, later he apologized on Twitter for his rude behavior, but Grover did not accepted his apology. Later came the news that Sunil has quit the show and will not join back the show even his fees is doubled. Sunil announced about his new gig with Kiku Sharda on 1st April in Delhi.

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