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Sunil Grover Speaks On Returning To "The Kapil Sharma Show", Money Can't Be The Only Reason To Do Something

As we all know that Dr. Mashoor Gulati aka Sunil Grover has quit The Kapil Sharma Show. Even after the…

By Administrator in Television on April 5, 2017

As we all know that Dr. Mashoor Gulati aka Sunil Grover has quit The Kapil Sharma Show. Even after the fight of Kapil Sharma and Sunil Grover, their fans still hope they come together. But, now he has put an end to all the speculations which were about him returning to the show.
Sunil Grover took to his Twitter account and shared his feelings. On Wednesday he tweeted and said, “My intentions are to act and to entertain with dignity. For me, money can’t be the only reason to do something, or not to do something.’

Here is the Tweet by Sunil Grover:

After seeing this tweet, we can say that Sunil is indicating that he is not going to return to The Kapil Sharma Show at any cost. Sunil’s words highlights on one particular trait of a character – dignity. Sunil respects his dignity and will not compromise it even for the sake of money.
Sunil Grover was so hurt by the behavior of drunken Kapil Sharma on the mid-air flight while returning from Australia. Kapil abused him, hit him with his shoe and Sunil did not said anything to Kapil. Because of this, he has quit the show, but The Kapil Sharma Show is nothing without Sunil Grover.
Sunil was seen on his recent gig in Delhi, where he was in his popular avatar, Dr. Mashoor Gulati. The Kapil Sharma Show’s TRP has been decreased and is out of top 10. This happened after Sunil, Ali, and Chandan have quit the show.
Raju Srivastava, he tried to make peace between Kapil and Sunil, but he even said that his efforts have gone in vain. After reading this tweet, it looks likes Sunil has given his final word.
What do you guys think about Sunil coming on the show? Will the makers of the show be able to bring him back? Share your thoughts with us by commenting below. Stay tuned to us for more updates.

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