Stone Cold Steve Austin interview with TMZ Live on Wednesday, when Stone Cold was asked to comment on the potential return of Hulk Hogan, he stated that Hulk Hogan can be forgiven for his bad choices.

Steve Austin said on TMZ Live, “Man, that’s up to Vince. He’s a lot smarter than I am, He’s the one who’s got to weather the storm, you know, since it is a public company now. How soon or how long does it take for something like that to be forgotten, let alone just forgiven? You can never forget it, but can you forgive it? Yes. We’ll see what happens. I’ll leave that to them.”

The trial with Gawker ended, though, pending appeal and Hogan received a total of $140 million. Now, though, one may think that enough time has passed for the wrestling legend to return to WWE and work with them again. The sex-tape situation and the racial remarks from Hogan that were revealed because of it caused a lot of issues. WWE cut all ties with the Hulk and essentially erased him from the promotion’s history for quite some time.

Hulk Hogan winning his case against Gawker Media for publishing a part of his sex tape, Hulk has indicated he would like to return to wrestling.

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