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Still Hungry? Yummy Healthy Snacks for your evening hunger in the budget!

We all love to do binge eating and munch on snacks in the evening. Midnight snacks can generally be harmful…

By Administrator in Food Food Hacks on February 10, 2017

We all love to do binge eating and munch on snacks in the evening. Midnight snacks can generally be harmful to your waistline, but not always! We bring you amazing snacks for your evening hunger that are healthy as well as cheap for your pockets. So, now keep calm and munch on!
Mindless eating in the evening can actually help you sleep better. But hey, choosing the right snack is the key to satisfying your hunger pangs without giving you indigestion. Here is the list of things which are actually good and can keep you full:

An Apple:

Apple is a very healthy snack and also helps to limit your calorie intake. So grab a crunchy apple at night and keep munching!

Salted Peanuts:

Peanuts are very healthy and nutritious snacks for midnight hunger. So take a handful of salted peanuts roast them a little if you want and enjoy!

Ready-made soup packets:

If you don’t like to munch a lot and still are hungry, just grab a ready-made soup packet to make yourself a hot bowl of yummylicious soup. It contains fewer calories as well as helps to keep you full.


We Indians just love chat be it anytime of the day. Ready-to-eat bhel is also available in the market. So get yourself this delicious chat and eat it absolutely guilt-free.


Available in the varied price range from Rs.5 to Rs.50 biscuits are the best snacks for your hungry evenings. Easy to carry and available in varieties, make these your night’s starvation’s best friend.


While many think oats to be breakfast food, this is also an ideal bedtime snack. Make way for best oatmeal recepies or team it with fruits or berries for those evening hunger-pangs.

Bread Omelet:

Sunday ho ya Monday Roj khao Ande! If you have eggs stacked up in the fridge bring them out and club it with bread and your scrumptious bread omelette is ready within minutes. This can easily fill you up for the night!


How can we forget this in the list? Big or small all types of hunger can be satisfied by this one name only. Explore different flavors or try the plain one and satiate your hunger within Rs.20 only.

Now, next time don’t paise nai hai! Satisfy your evening hunger whenever the mood strikes at pocket-friendly rates!

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