Former India cricket captain Sourav Ganguly hits back at Ravi Shastri comments about him related to appointment of Indian cricket team coach. Sourav Ganguly was part of the committee that chose the next coach, along with Sachin Tendulkar and VVS Laxman, but surprisingly wasn’t present when Ravi Shastri was interviewed.

Sourav Ganguly has blasted Ravi Shastri as the Indian coach controversy touched new lows.


Anil Kumble selected for India’s chief coach post, Ravi Shastri created a controversy when he said that, Sourav Ganguly, part of the three-member high-powered Cricket Advisory Committee (CAC) was not present during his interview which he found to be “disrespectful”.

Sourav Ganguly said, “If Shastri thinks I was behind the appointment of Kumble as the coach and not him, then he is living in a fool’s paradise,”

“It angers me that he gave a suggestion that I should be available for such meetings. I have been a part of BCCI meetings for some time and I have always been available. My advice to Ravi is that when the coach of India is selected and one of the most important jobs, he should be in front of the committee and not sit in Bangkok and give a presentation while being on a holiday.”

“I say this with anger that my counter advice to Shastri is that he should have been present physically and not holidaying in Bangkok for such an important event. Ravi should have shown some more maturity before going public about it,” Sourav Ganguly said.

On Ravi Shastri making comments on public domain against him, Sourav Ganguly said, ”He should have shown a bit more maturity, especially for someone who has been in such committees for more than 10 years.