Everyone’s favorite and all time entertainment on your television screen. ‘Kapil Sharma Show’ is one of the highest rated comedy show in the country. 110 crore difficult to believe, but that’s the amount of renewing of Kapil Sharma by the TKSS. Before this, Kapil was charging 60-70 crore which is unexpectedly rose up to 110 crores, surely not a small deal.

The biggest TV star in the country Kapil Sharma has renewed his contract with Sony Entertainment Television for 2017. While, he has given his audience their best time all stress relief, depression, tension doses off after watching his show. Entertainment after Bollywood is Kapil Sharma’s show on Sony which was earlier featured by Colours.

Dramatical faint! His one episode cost 60 – 80 crore rupees more than some Bollywood stars earnings of a film.

kapil sharma

Almost, all Bollywood celebrities have been a guest of Kapil Sharma’s show like Ranveer Singh, Alia Bhatt, Sonam Kapoor to legend like King Khan, Big B and many others. His show has always been a puller on the weekends as all rest with some laughter and entertainment watching Sharma’s show.

Sony Tv says that Kapil’s show brings a lot of profit for their channel and they don’t mind spending on him and his show. Comedy Nights With Kapil earned approx more than $ 12 million in a year. The channel reported that it did not mind the pocket pinch of Kapil because his show is the most profitable venture for them currently and they can’t let it go.”

Still feels like a Joke! Waohhh a great venture for Kapil Sarma.