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Sonakshi Sinha’s Scene Deleted From Weekend Ka Vaar Episode In Bigg Boss 10, What Is The Reason?

Bigg Boss 10 is now interesting to watch as the game is now individual. Many actors come to promote their film in Bigg Boss. Recently we saw makers of Bigg Boss 10 released a promo of Sonakshi Sinha coming in BB 10 in the weekend ka vaar to promote her upcoming movie Force 2.

All the audience were excited to see Dabangg and Rajjo together dancing on the stage after a long time. The actress was supposed to come in this weekend ka vaar episode but why we did not see her. What happened? Did the makers of the show deleted the part of Sonakshi coming in the weekend ka vaar??

We saw the Promo on twitter, Bigg Boss has officially tweeted –

There were rumors that Salman and Lady Dabangg are no more friends and much more. When the promo released it was clear that these all things are just fake. But, again all the questions raises because Sonakshi Sinha’s part has deleted from the episode of Weekend ka vaar.

Is something wrong between Sonakshi and Salman? No one knows why makers of the show deleted that scene and did not telecast that part? What do you think, why did they do so?

In tonight’s episode we will see a huge fight between Rohan and Manveer, Bigg Boss interrupts between them. Share your thoughts with us by commenting below and stay tuned to get all the news of Bigg Boss 10.

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