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Someone Tried To Click A Picture Of Ranveer Singh While He Was Urinating, Shocking Paparazzi Incident Revealed!

Ranveer Singh has revealed an incident to do with the photographers who, it seems are quite unforgiving at times. There are people who still photograph him while he’s eating with his mouth wide open. Some peoples are tried to click a picture of Ranveer when he was in the men’s toilet.

Sometimes our bollywood stars have to deal with the arrogation of their privacy. After all, the paparazzi and the fans can be a bit too intrusive at times. when their admirers approach them for autographs and photos, they always try to force. There are some of them who get annoyed and refuse to get clicked at times. But Ranveer Singh is always happily poses with anyone and everyone.

He recollect some of the worst incidents he’s faced in the recent past. And like always he makes a shocking revelation. “I need to travel out of the country to kind of get that feeling of normalcy and calm. I believe that mobile technology has changed the meaning of celebrity life, it wasn’t so bad years ago.”

Ranveer singh says Someone Tried To Click a Picture When he Was In the Men’s Room Taking a Leak

Ranveer also added, “Sometimes, I go to the most expensive restaurant in Bombay thinking that ‘yahan photo nahilenge’, but they click you even there while you’re eating with your mouth wide open. Once when I was in the men’s room of a fancy hotel taking a leak in the stall, I turned around and saw someone trying to click a picture. This is a bit too much, isn’t it? Then there was this incident where these rowdy boys were chasing my car and they surrounded it. My car couldn’t move. It’s not like they are being nice or showing any positive excitement.

Ranveer said, “If peoples want pictures, I will step out and do that but if they are going to harass me and call me names, I will obviously react. I am very patient, but not with miscreants. If people are doing something wrong, I am never afraid to get into a fight. If there is a fight on the road, I feel compelled to step out of the car and mediate. I am a stand-up and take-it-on kind of guy . My security guys get stressed and frustrated as I tend to jump into the crowd and stop for every picture.”

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